Rhode Island's success hinges on the continuing cultivation of a thriving business environment that attracts enterprises and dismantles barriers while bolstering both our state's economy and the well-being of our communities. This, in turn, generates vital resources required to maintain robust infrastructure, support for our schools, the improvement of our roads and the enhancement of our fire and police services.

As the sole Democratic candidate who has demonstrated unwavering support for the Rhode Island business community by standing in solidarity with esteemed organizations such as the Rhode Island Manufacturers Association, Rhode Island Society of CPAs, and Rhode Island Business Coalition. Together, we united to oppose detrimental proposals like the PPP tax and tax increase proposals.

I am laser-focused on advocating for a responsible and equitable tax policies that are catalysts for economic growth that lead to prosperity of Rhode Islanders. This will ensure that essential services receive adequate funding while nurturing an environment that promotes sustainable economic development for all.